About Us

Don't you just hate when you want a service done and cannot get someone to come do the service nonetheless pick up the phone? Well when it comes to your moving services your troubles are over! JAT is a hardworking, reliable, fast, efficient, and fairly priced company that can take care of any of your moving service needs! From in house moves to across state moves we cover it all and you can put the stress of moving onto us! What makes us different than our competitors? WE ARE SIMPLE! Nowadays everyone wants to "nickel and dime" you every chance they get but not with JAT. JAT will provide the fairest price that you the customer will love! No crazy hourly rate, no confusing estimations, and no hidden fees everything from start to finish is run by the customer and once a price is agreed on that is the only price you will see no upcharges whatsoever! Although simple that does not mean unprofessional. All employees have gone through training and have a lot of on the job experience clearing up any worry when it comes to your items! We have the reliability of the big corporations but keep the small business effect as no matter what size job you will be in contact with our owner Jimmy Tilton. We truly offer our services by our motto we want to give you the experience that "your parents would trust"! So come book your next moving job with us today and let us take the stress of moving off your hands!