Our Services


We offer a wide variety of different types of services when it comes to moving! Big or small we will work with you on any type of job and make sure we complete the task to your satisfaction! All services are required a free on site estimate for work to be completed! This is so we can get a good view on the whole move and give the most fair price possible!

JATs moving crew on the day of a full service move

Full Service Moves 

A full service move is our most popular type of service we offer. This includes packing, dissemble and reassemble of items, and delivery of the items from one location to the other! This type of service can be modified to just packing or just moving depending on what your needs require! 

One of our crew members taking a part a bed. One of our many skilled workers who has great knowledge in taking a part and putting furniture back together!

Furniture Delivery/ In House Moves

If a full service move isn't needed we also offer smaller in state moves which include things such as in house and furniture pick up and delivery from stores or other locations!

The crew moving furniture. All furniture is wrapped and correctly covered to make sure no damage occurs to your items!

Safe Moving

We also, offer most safe moving! This is a newer service offered but our crew is well trained in this area and will make sure your safe is delivered with no problems!

Although helpful to empty your safes we are more than equipped to move your safe as seen in this photo of the crew moving a 2,000 pound safe!